The first post…

Ahh, the first post. I’ve been meaning to start a blog about my hobby for a while. If you’ve ever seen a film blog before you’ve seen most of them. I’m going to break it to you right now. I’m not going to be reviewing The Hangover III or the next Tyler Perry joint. I don’t have the money to see every single film that comes out over the weekend but the ones I do are going to see are either going to come from a well respected filmmaker or just has the buzz of the business.

I’m not a professional. I’ve never been to film school. I do however have six years experience in the movie business and by that I mean I worked at a movie theater for six years. Six months of that was selling popcorn. Another six months was selling tickets. I spent a year and a half running the stand and floor and finally was able to work my way up to management. I know, put crown on my head. My experience there had its ups and down buts it really granted me a rare opportunity to do something not a lot of people get to do and if digital cinema keeps track of where it’s going then it’s going to be a rare thing that somebody gets to do. I was a projectionist. I worked with 35mm film and while I wasn’t a professional by any means it was a unique experience that I’m grateful for.

I have a unique film taste. I love foreign cinema. Films coming from France, South Korea, Germany, and the plethora of eastern European countries will make themselves known on this site. I also love bad films. I’m not talking about the Twilight series or the nest Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn project coming out. B-Movies and high budget flops such as Waterworld and Howard the Duck are just as fun to watch as Iron Man 3 and the next Batman film. They have essence and soul and even though they may be hard to watch it didn’t because of a lack of trying. Sometimes you can find a gem in the biggest pile of trash and I’ll try to being some of those films to light.

I consider myself a fan of the camera. I love films that try to go outside the box with how they point and move the camera. Directors like Paul Thomas Anderson and Stanley Kubrick are/were the foundation of what I look for in a perfectly directed film. To me, it’s almost as important as the story and acting. There will be many films discussed that fit into this ideal.

I’m sure you’re wondering what my favorite movies are. While I try to find more unique films that what some would call “the mainstream”, I’m not going to try an act like some of the most talked about films of all time aren’t among my favorites. Jaws is and most likely forever will be my favorite movie. I loved The Dark Knight and Fight Club and am a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. My other favorite films include but are not limited to…

There Will Be Blood
The Shining
The Night of the Hunter
Mulholland Drive
Lost in Translation
Reservoir Dogs
Inglorious Basterds
Spirited Away
12 Angry Men

I’m hoping that this blog also gets me out to the theater more often as I’ve been slacking on that due to my real person job. I’ll try to get out once a week depending on what’s been released. Count on new movie reviews but don’t expect every one.

Lastly I want to thank you guys for reading and hopefully you’ll stay tuned. Thanks and godspeed.

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