The Wolverine – Trailer #2

So Hollywood is putting their creative noggins together again and giving us what? Another Wolverine movie? Are you serious? You’ve already tried that Hollywood and you failed miserably. Wolverine: Origins was worse than X3 and by a large margin. You don’t make Deadpool a mute zombie. YOU DON’T DO THAT. Hollywood should have learned from this mistake and never even thought about making a new Wolverine movie but here we are. The trailer does nothing for me but the man behind the camera is at least interesting. James Mangold is going to be directing and he has a decent resume. Mangold is behind such films as Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, and Identity, but is also guilty of giving us that horrible Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie Knight and Day. I’m not excited, but hey look at them sideburns. Those sideburns will continue to put asses in seats. Your move America.

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