Bad Movie of the Day : Eaten Alive (1977)

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IMDB score : 5.2
RT score : 10%

Oh man. What sleaze. What debauchery. This is the man that gave us the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I guess it just goes to show you that Tobe Hooper wasn’t the visionary that was he was portrayed to be after his first film. Poltergeist was good but in that 1980s classic feel. It doesn’t hold up very well anymore. Eaten Alive though…no. Just, no.

That sums up the whole film. The actor who played the husband later in the film. You can see him in the trailer, he has glasses on. Some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Ever. Actually, it was quite funny. Bad, bad, bad.


2 thoughts on “Bad Movie of the Day : Eaten Alive (1977)

  1. Oh Tobe Hooper what a shame. Perhaps if he had just gone with swamp people instead of actors he would have had better luck. Oh well.

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