Film Review : Rapt (2009)

Netlix Instant Watch
IMDB score : 6.7
RT score : 97%

This has been buried in my Netflix queue for some time. The film is from France and is the feature debut of director Lucas Belvaux. A wealthy business man is kidnapped and held for ransom. His personal funds won’t cover the bill so the company that he is top shareholder for debates what kind of contribution they will give, if they do at all. This was slow. I like slow movies. I didn’t like this movie. There really wasn’t much of an ending. I guess the theme of the movie is that even though you’re the victim, your past can be the real criminal. There could have been a lot of originality behind this notion but it just seemed wasted. I didn’t care much whether the guy lived or died and there are some humorous mistakes (Disappearing and re-appearing limbs). Overall it’s a pass for me…


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