Film Review : Sunrise : A Song of Two Humans (1927)

IMDB Score : 8.3
RT Score : 98%

Okay, I’m going to admit this right now. I don’t know how to talk about silent films. Why? It’s not a negative thing. I really like silent films. It’s like watching, literally watching, history in motion. I’ve seen a good number of silent films including Nosferatu, City Lights, Modern Times, and The General…basically every single film students “must see” film list comprised of movies they’ve only seen once. I’m not going to pretend that I LOVE SILENT CINEMA MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF. That’s not true. I like talking. I love black and white films but I like dialogue and context in them. I sound stupid. I’m sorry. Let me start over…

so I watched this silent film. It’s on a bunch of “best of all time” lists and I had to check it out. It succeeded in being the most unique of all the silent films I’ve seen. The story is about a man who is convinced by another woman that he should drown his wife. He tries and fails and the rest of the film is him trying to “make up” from it and try to win back his wifes trust. Yeah, silly. I would have told that guy to fuck off after stabbing him with a knife after trying to stab me but it was wonderful watching film from 1927. There were some great shots. Classic shots. I’ll try to find some. It was pretty good by the way. This is a bad review.


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