Film Review : Election (1999)

IMDB Score : 7.3
RT Score : 92%

I’ve always been a fan of Alexander Payne. The Descendents and Sideways were very enjoyable and while George Clooney got recognized for his work by the academy, Paul Giamatti got robbed of a nomination. His performance in Sideways was fantastic. I recently read that Payne’s newest film Nebraska got a great response at the Cannes Film Festival and that Bruce Dern won best actor. I’m looking forward to that. That being said you’re not going to find those pivotal acting performances in this film. Election isn’t that kind of movie. It is a very dark comedy about high school that gets by on its wit and satire. I enjoyed it but not as much as Payne’s later work. Matthew Broderick plays a good down on his luck and ultimately bad person but it’s the characters surrounding him that make the film. It’s a film that brought on by these characters, sheds light on political and moral corruption, effects of seduction, and fucking blatant adultery. Like I said, it’s dark. Also, I’m glad Chris Klein is no longer really working. He never worked in the first place. He’s so bad. YOU ARE AWFUL SIR.


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