Film Review : Flight (2012)

IMDB Score : 7.3
RT Score : 78%

This movie has two great qualities to it. There was a fantastic action sequence which is highlighted to full extent in the trailer. It’s much more intense when you watch the film. I have no idea whether that’s actually possible, to fly a plane like that, but it was so impressively done that it really doesn’t matter. It was great. The second great quality was Denzel. That’s about it. The rest of the film was just a heaping pile of meh. I don’t think Denzel was better than Training Day or the vastly under appreciated John Q but he was very very good. I’m glad that he has had a good track record of doing films that at least try their best. You can pretty much pick any movie he’s in and even if it’s an average film you’ll at least get to see Denzel act. He’s always been impressive and he’s impressive in this. Besides that though it just wasn’t anything special. Also may I say that I now have found the only role John Goodman has ever had where I thought he just wasn’t good at all. His character sucked. The writing of that character actually made the great John Goodman act like shit. That’s a travesty. Overall, not a bad popcorn flick.


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