Film Review : A Simple Life (2012)

IMDB Score : 7.6
RT Score : 92%

Oh man, this one got to me. Ann Hui‘s film about old age and the time an effort we give to care for the ones we love is a beautiful little film. The film centers around Ah Tao, played wonderfully by Deannie Yip, who has been the caretaker for Leung family for sixty years. After a stroke, she pleads to be put into a home. There she makes friends but also is visited and taken care of by Roger, whom she helped raise. It’s a beautiful film on how even though you may not be blood related to somebody, there are all different kinds of family. I don’t want to go into specifics because it’s really a great film to take in without much knowledge. This isn’t a twist and turn kind of movie. It’s a deep character study on human beings and how they look out for one another. Ah Tao is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever seen in a film. Andy Lau also stars in this as Roger. The two of them were wonderful together. I didn’t believe for a moment that I was watching actors, but rather two people with a deep connection. Fuck, I’m getting sappy. You know what, screw it, sometimes you have to get sappy. My description may be cheesy and too heartfelt but what the film ultimately gives the viewer is heart and genuine humanity. Great watch for when you want to feel hopeful.


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