Film Review : Premium Rush (2012)

IMDB Score : 6.5
RT Score : 76%

Surprisingly this was a pretty good action film. It managed to keep me interested besides the fact that there wasn’t really any plot that mattered and that the acting was pretty over the top. The thing is though, I’ll take over the top acting from Michael Shannon any day. I love watching the guy. The same goes for Joseph Gordon Levitt. They’re just fun actors to see on screen. The plot sucked though. I’m not going to lie about that. I don’t know what it is about certain films that feature mostly action. Some have this magical formula that doesn’t make me hate it while others just plead with me to throw something at the television. I think it might be the fact that movies like Transformers and The Fast and the Furious try to be more than action movies which is what they are down to the bone. Premium Rush didn’t try to be anything other than fun and it held my attention for the 95 minutes. Also, bikes are cool.


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