Film Review : Trouble with the Curve (2012)

IMDB Score : 6.7
Rt Score : 52%

This was weird. The writer of this film watched two movies before deciding to write this, Moneyball and some Nicholas Sparks drivel. Those are the two halves of this film and they both were pretty awful. The only “saving grace” was seeing some good actors do their work and Justin Timberlake is not one of them. I thought he was good in The Social Network and Alpha Dog but he was pretty bad in this. No, no, he was terrible. Take that N’Sync. There was a scene. Yes, I’m going to spoil something. I don’t care what you think. There was a scene where Clint Eastwood starts singing the chorus to “You are My Sunshine”. I hope the director didn’t plan on filming that. I hope that Clint was just like, “LISTEN ASSHOLE! I’M 80 YEARS OLD AND IF I WANT TO SING YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE I’M FUCKING SINGING YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE”. I’d be okay with that. I’m not okay with the cheesy dialogue that oozed from this film. They were trying to be sentimental and they failed. It’s just a shame that Clint and Amy Adams couldn’t have picked a better film to be father and daughter because I’d like to see that dynamic again. Plus, who the hell likes baseball anyway?


Bahahahaha. Look at Clint. He’s all old and can’t see and stuff.

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