Film Review : Craigslist Joe (2012

IMDB Score : 6.6
RT Score : 20%

I don’t really know what the message is supposed to be here. I’ll totally agree that there are lots of generally nice people out there that will help out a stranger by giving them food, shelter, a job, but there are also plenty of horrible people. The protagonist was never really in any danger the entire time. It just seemed like skewed vision of what it’s like dealing with people on the internet let alone Craigslist. This guy could have stumbled on a goldmine of friendship and love but he also could have just missed getting hacked up by some lunatic while he slept in a free bed. I dunno, it just didn’t come off as a realistic look at what an experiment like this would bring.


One thought on “Film Review : Craigslist Joe (2012

  1. I have to agree. There wasn’t even a point why he was doing it in the first place. He just brought a cameraman along on his trip.

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