Film Review : The Possession (2012)

IMDB Score : 5.8
RT Score : 39%

You ever notice how it’s never a dude that gets possessed in these movies? I’m sure a hardcore horror fan would be able to name a bunch where this is not the case but I haven’t seen those films and they’re certainly not wide released films. It’s always a little girl. Always. I think Hollywood is trying to tell us that little girls are terrifying. They are Satan.The Possession, like most movies with the same plot, tries to bank off the success and awesomeness that The Exorcist was and failed miserably. It’s common that these movies have at least one cool quality or scene but this one really doesn’t unless you count how the little Satan girl did a pretty good job. The film just didn’t go anywhere that hasn’t been gone before. It was a waste of a watch.


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