Film Review : Once (2006)

IMDB Score : 7.9
RT Score : 97%

Oh man. This is how you make a low budget musical. It’s not so low budget now is it. I remember driving near NYC and seeing billboards for the Tony award winning play. Crazy how it all started from this little film about music and falling in love. I’m not a big fan of romance films. Mostly because, like horror, the great ones are few and far between and what you’re left with is a big pile of meh. That and people don’t try with romance anymore. John Carney tried. He really really tried and succeeded on making a heartfelt yet subtle little film about two people meeting because of their love of music and slowly falling in love. The movie goes into more than that but so subtle that it forces the viewer to decide what feelings each other is having. It’s a lot like real life. The music was just incredibly good and perfect for the emotion of the film. It’s a great little film. The ending was a bit abrupt but you know what, sometimes life is like that. Well done Irish people.


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