Film Review : Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

IMDB Score : 7.5
RT Score : 94%

I’m a fan of Werzer Herzog. I’ve seen most of his recent films and documentaries but only have slightly delved into his back catalog and arguably best work. I bought a box set of his work with infamous lunatic Klaus Kinski and fell in love with the combo. This is the second film I’ve seen of the couple after seeing Aguirre : Wrath of God some time ago. I’m going to be finishing the set soon because Kinski is just amazing and Herzog was such an innovative filmmaker back then. His films now are still great but lost that touch with the evil side of nature that was so prominent early on. This film follows the story of Count Dracula pretty closely and doesn’t veer off too much. The wonder is in the beautiful photography and camera work and of course the brilliant yet subtle performance by Kinski. Herzog has this way about his films where even though its a bit grainy, everything feels so real and natural. Plus, it’s a very creepy film. I suppose anybody would be creeped out if Klaus Kinski was creeping along in the general vicinity.


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