Film Review : The Avengers (2012)

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IMDB Score : 8.3
RT Score : 92%

So I waited a long time to finally sit down and watch the money making phenomenon that is this film. I shouldn’t have waited so long because that was an epic action film. I’m film geek. I appreciate the art of independent films and the culture of foreign films. I find most big budget movies to lack in mostly everything except the amount of money poured int it hoping it’ll return that sum with greater numbers regardless of whether or not it’s a good film. I do however have a small window where the big budget films made with heart and care can squeeze in and nestle themselves with the rest of the films I enjoy. The Avengers is right there. I thought it was great. Joss Whedon prides himself on great dialogue without going into Tarantino territory. The film was funny, had heart and morals, and did something that rarely happens with me…CARE ABOUT SUPERHEROES. I haven’t seen Thor. I had no interest in Captain America or The Green Lantern. I thought the first two Spiderman films were okay and the third an abomination. The non Raimi Spiderman looked okay but again, no interest. I saw the first two Iron Man movies and only liked the first one. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I don’t care much for anything super hero related that isn’t Batman. I love Batman. The Avengers will never reach the spot where Burton and Nolan’s Batman films have rested but it has found a spot to call it own. That being said I think that Whedon made a film that is meant to be seen by everybody hence how it made so much money. Tom Hiddleston was great as Loki and the whole Avenger cast was perfect even though Scarlett Johannson can’t act for shit anymore. I loved the middle hour full of dialogue and plot development. I was giddy during the final act where all hell broke loose. I enjoyed the film guys. I enjoyed the shit out of a Marvel super hero movie. That’s a marvel in itself.


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