Trailer Mix (Including a Special One)

This is probably the greatest news I’ve heard all year. I grew up on Calvin & Hobbes. Bill Watterson has essentially sculpted part of my personality. I find myself using gags and punchlines from strips in my every day vernacular. C&H IS my childhood and I’ll do whatever I can to see this.

Okay, this is now my most anticipated film of the year. Its the third film from Steve McQueen after Hunger and Shame, both of which starred Micahel Fassbender. Fassbender looks like a pure villain in this which I think is a first for him. The cast is amazing and the emotion dripping from the trailer is pretty strong. I can see this being and Oscar favorite if all goes well. Chiwetel Ejiofor looks like he might get an award.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch, I find the story of Julian Assange fascinating. This should be entertaining to say the least.

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