Film Review : Bellflower (2011)

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IMDB Score : 6.2
RT Score : 73%

Okay, that was interesting. This is a low budget indie film by directer and star Evan Glodell. The story revolves around his character Woodrow and his best friend Aiden as they parade around California gathering material for an upcoming apocalypse which includes flamethrowers and “Mad Max” style vehicles including an absolute badass of a car. The story takes a turn when Woodrow meets Milly. The whole film is stacked with energy and grit but also suffers from some pretty big character and plot flaws. First, there is no water in California, only alcohol. Beer for breakfast? Sure. Drinks on the beach? Been there. Whiskey dispenser in your vehicle? No. No, that is just not real. The characters also had way too much money while doing way to much nothing to earn it. There’s more but it’ll spoil the movie. The main thing is that it didn’t detract from the viewing experience. I enjoyed the film and am looking forward to the next one from the team. I do expect a lot more of a polished product though.


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