Trail Mix!

Here are a couple that came out recently…

Yes this is happening. Yes is looks pretty funny. Yes I will wait to see it most likely until it plays on MTV for free. I don’t need to hear every 18 year old kid hysterically laughing because Johnny Knoxville said the word “poo”.

The next film from David O. Russell is…well…I don’t know. I think they steal things? It’s the 70’s right? All I know is that everybody in this cast has an Academy award nomination/win and that Bradley Coopers hair looks weird. Should be great.

That is one great trailer. I usually hate mostly every Ben Stiller film but I might check this one out. It just looks so, uplifitng. It’s being directed by Stiller himself so maybe this will be the film that turns my hatred into respect. It also reveals mostly nothing of what I hope the story will be. This is a thing that trailers are missing…


One thought on “Trail Mix!

  1. I’m excited to see all of these, especially American Hustle. Like you I can say Im not quite sure what this movies about but I think David O Russell put together an excellent cast so the movie itself will be entertaining no matter what. Also Kristin Wiig is my hero so The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is definitely on my list of must sees!

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