Film Review : The Conjuring (2013)

IMDB Score – 8.0
RT Score – 87%

I saw this is a packed theater in an urbanized area. I expected to have a horrible time but I think the fact that I saw it with so many people better’d my experience because I ended up really enjoying the film. This is a tame rated R film but also a very creepy one that capitalizes on scares the never come off cheap and had me jumping on more than one occasion. The biggest reason I enjoyed this was because it actually had good acting. Horror movies always have interesting ideas that are either carried out half assed or are ruined by cheap “talent”. None of those factors were present here as Vera Farminga, Patrick Wilson, and Lilli Taylor were all fantastic in this. It made the film more believable and ultimately more watchable. James Wan gave us the first Saw which I’m greatful for because I still think that’s a great film and he’s now given us one of the better horror films to come out in the last couple years. Lets just see if his next film which comes out in two months (Insidious II) lives up to his recent success.


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