Film Review : Venus (2006)

IMDB Score – 7.1
RT Score – 89%

Academy Award Nominee – Peter O’Toole

It’s been six years since this film was made and it’s looking a lot like this is going to be the amazing Peter O’Toole’s last leading role but what a way to end a fantastic career. The film was pretty good. It revolves around Maurice who is played by O’Toole who is a very old man trying to find something important in his life again and happens to find it in the form of his friends 19 year old niece. This sentence alone defines creepy old man and when it is all said and done, it really is creepy as shit, but damn it to hell if O’Toole doesn’t make you want to hang out with him every day. The film turned out to very funny, mostly because Peter O’Toole and his co-stars are hilarious old British people. The scenes in the diner with O’Toole, Leslie Phillips, and the late Richard Griffiths were hysterical. The film also has some nice moments of sad to go along with the funny. Ultimately the film balances a great line of awesome/heartbreaking Peter O’Tool, sadness from seeing old people go about their daily lives, and a morally sound notion that sometimes people can fall in love with a person regardless of age.


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