Film Review : The Lady Eve (1941)

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IMDB Score – 7.9
RT Score – 100%

Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Story

I’l admit. I didn’t like the story. The film was made in 1941 so I don’t know how many times “con artist falls in love with victim only to have it fall apart” has been made but I just thought it was flat. It was also completely unbelievable Henry Fonda’s character was. The dude was a fool. A FOOL. HE COULDN’T RECOGNIZE THE SAME WOMAN WHO CON-ED HIM BECAUSE OF AN ACCENT. Jesus. The film had some redeeming qualities such as a great scene involving Fonda and c0-star Barbara Stanwyck in bed. The scene was long and the dialogue was sharp. There was also a great shot using a hand held mirror and some funny dialogue from Stanwyck. Also, a great Hitler impression was in this film. Overall I just didn’t like it that much, plain and simple.


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