Film Review : Before Sunrise (1995)

IMDB Score – 8.0
RT Score – 100%


I’ve always been a fan of Richard Linklater. With this series I’m finally going to get to completing viewing his entire filmography besides a select few but these films being the most needed of a watch. I think I put them off for so long because for the longest time I avoided anything romance related like the plague. This is what it’s like being an immature man whose only idea of cinema is plot twists and explosions. Over the last year or two I’ve been catching up with some of the more “essential” romance viewings and have started to learn that I have missed out on some great films over the years. This movie for example caught me off guard as I ended up loving the film. It tells the story of Jesse, an American on board a train travelling through Europe who has a chance meeting with Celine, a french girl travelling home. The two spark up a conversation and that’s pretty much what happens for the rest of the film, conversation. The two, who obviously share a special connection, talk about past love, philosophical ideals, and the people who pass them on their adventure. Honestly that write up dolls up this movie too much. It’s the simplicity that really impresses me with this and I’m sure will impress me with its sequels Before Sunset and Before Midnight, the latter of which was just released this year. It’s certainly a film for everybody but you have to be ready to just sit back and listen as there really isn’t much to watch other than their movement from bench to bus to bar. The relationship that is created though from this one night is pretty special to watch though.


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