Trail Mix!

This is the winner of the Grand Jury prize at Cannes and is a three hour lover story about two lesbians. That is boring. Yup. Boring. In all honesty this is probably a fine film about love but it didn’t strike a chord with me. I’ll most likely skip this one.

Alexander Payne’s newest film about a naive man from Nebraska thinking he won something. I’ve always been a fan of Payne but he makes such minimalist films that it’s not his direction that gets me excited but rather the performances he gets out of his actors. Bruce Dern already won best actor as Cannes and I expect it to hold up. I like acting.

The film looks like it’s going to be a B movie masterpiece but the coolest part about this film is that it was shot inside Disney without their permission. That’s just awesome. It’ll be one of the most unique films you’ve ever seen if nothing else.

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