Film Review – Room 237 (2012)

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IMDB Score – 6.4
RT Score – 92%

In my opinion, Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director who ever lived. The Shining can arguably be called his best film or at least his most intriguing. Room 237 is a documentary interviewing mostly crackpots and eccentrics who have dedicated their lives to deciphering and decoding images and scenes in The Shining. I finished this in two parts, mostly because I was dead ass tired and mostly because while there are certainly incredibly interesting points made about the film there are also a bunch of completely asinine theories that I just couldn’t stay awake for.

There were some very interesting theories such as the fact that the hotel changed shape and how Danny traversed levels on his big wheel without going up stairs or getting into an elevator. There are also some pretty evident instances where Kubrick alludes to minotaurs and mazes. There are also some ridiculous notions that Kubrick staged the moon landing and that The Shining was really about the genocide of Jews and Indians.

Overall the film was interesting, especially if you loved The Shining like I did.


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