Film Review : Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows (2011)

IMDB Score – 7.4
RT Score – 60%

I’m a usual fan of Guy Ritchie even though I feel his style can get old after the fifth film in a row that looks exactly like its older siblings but Snatch and Lock, Stock… are just WAY too much fun. I love the banter and the slo-mo shots and when his first Sherlock film came out a couple years ago I loved everything about it. I really couldn’t say the same about the sequel.

Game of Shadows has the same parts and fixings as the first film but lacks serious substance and flat out humor to sustain itself for two hours. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are once again perfect for each other but the addition of Noomi Rapace as this travelling gypsy just came off hokey. I also just found the story flat boring and was not once intimidated by Moriarty like I was with Mark Strong in the first film.

It just seemed very flat. I hope they don’t do another because it’s seriously going to tarnish how much fun the original Ritchie adaption was.


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