Film Review : Wrong (2012)

IMDB Score – 6.0
Rotten Tomato Score – 68%

Directed By : Quentin Dupieux
Starring : Jack Plotnick, Steve Little, Alexis Dziena, Regan Burns, and William Fichtner

When I saw Rubber on Netflix two years ago I was interested in what Quentin Dupieux would come up with next. What I got was just as weird (perhaps weird) and certainly unique. The problem was that it just didn’t grab my attention like Rubber did. Wrong is told through a bunch of vignettes and what seems like random ideas thrown at a wall and put on film. I’m assuming this was the intended effect because of the films title as we are shown time and time again how wrong things are in the films universe. There is an office in which it rains indoors, alarm clocks that don’t change with the hour, and psychokinetic connections with dogs. All unexplained and just accepted within the realm of the film.

It was interesting.

I don’t actually think I could watch this again as I know where it all ends up…nowhere. But I do applaud this kind of unique film making. It’s quirky and strange enough to last the length of the film but just can’t stand up to repeat viewings or even recommendations.


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