Film Review : Pain and Gain (2013)

IMDB Score – 6.5
Rotten Tomato Score – 50%

Directed By – Michael Bay
Starring – Marky Mark, The Rock, Anthony Mackie, Tony Shalhoub, Ed Harris

I can’t believe I watched this movie. I hate these kind of people. I’m not talking about the murderous criminal people. I’m just talking about people who live for fitness. The size of The Rock in this movie is almost against nature. I skipped this film in the theaters due to the still horrible trailer and notion that it was going to be a weightlifting comedy. There would have been no amount of money in the world that could bribe me to sit through that. Although, a funny thing happened when watching this film…

I was entertained. I laughed. I ended up enjoying it.

This is in no way a good film. It is in the strictest sense a very entertaining film that never gets too stupid. The film centers around the true story of three meatheads who kidnap a wealthy man and extort money from him. After that initial crime, the movie just gets absolutely bonkers while still holding true to the actually events that happened in real life. Michael Bay didn’t do anything special here and the film was actually devoid of his usual musings of car chases and explosions although there is a good deal of action. The Rock was particularly funny as he played a very troubled and confused beast of a man following orders for no apparent reason other than he wants to please Jesus and make a better life for himself. Yes, all three are that stupid. The supporting cast was great as Shalhoub played a very despicable man who is supposed to be the victim but really at the end of this film we realize that all these people are horrible and that we should just enjoy the ride.

I enjoyed the ride. It’s worth the rent.


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