Changes and Updates

What a week it has been. Both my real person jobs have kept me away from the screen this week, oh and that thing that happens on the 25th of December. I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I was looking at the presentation of my site and realized that I could be doing a hell of a lot better in organizing it so that people can find what they want easier. Over the next week or so I’m going to be making some aesthetic changes. I’m going to be adding more pages and organizing the reviews into more categories besides “film review”. This way if people want to find horror recommendations they don’t have to just scour my back pages. I’m also going to be getting out to the theater and seeing the last of the ’13 films so I can finish my yearly review. It’ll be substantial and will have its own page. I think I’m going to add a page of my top films as well. Hopefully this helps this site to be a bit more fun to navigate.

I hope that all made sense. I’ve been drinking. Don’t judge me. It’s Sunday and I have a moral obligation to yell at football games on the TV. Thanks for reading everybody. The few people who follow my blog make this all worth doing. This is why I want to make the site easier to read. It’s a bitch having to navigate through 20 back pages of reviews. I’ll make it better.

Beer is awesome.

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