Film Review : In a World…(2013)

IMDB Score – 7.0
Rotten Tomato Score – 92%

Directed By – Lake Bell
Starring – Lake Bell, Demetri Martin, Rob Corddry, Fred Melamed, Ken Marino, Michaela Watkins, Alexandra Holden, Tig Notaro, Nick Offerman, and Stephanie Allynne

An underachieving voice coach finds herself competing in the movie trailer voice-over profession against her arrogant father and his protégé.

I’m a huge voice over nerd. I’ve been watching and enjoying cartoons since I was a kid and at 24 years old, I am probably watch just as much. For the last couple years I’ve been into knowing who does each voice and being the owner of a serviceable voice of my own, have thought about entering the business one day. This is probably the one thing about me that not a lot of people know. I practice impressions in my car and am always goofing around with different voices around friends. I am a nerd. I’m totally aware of this. However, it certainly is a good way to have fun and make a living. For this reason I sought out Lake Bell’s film about the daughter of a voice over legend who is trying to break into the industry as a woman. While I enjoyed some parts of the film, overall it kind of fell a little flat in some areas.

Having an interest in the subject of the film, I really did connect with Carol, played as quirky as possible by the films director, Lake Bell. I think that may be the best word to describe the film. Quirky. Most of the time I’m okay with something being overly quirky but when I’m starting to get very bored multiple times during a relatively short film, something just isn’t quite right. It might just be an old fashioned case of not having any likable characters as pretty much everybody was either horrible, stupid, or incredibly awkward. The only person who had me laughing the entire time was the character played by Rob Corddry whose humor stuck out in a film that had very little of it. There were plenty of situations where I thought I should laugh but just really couldn’t find myself genuinely finding the material funny. Comedy films have never really been a huge favorite of mine but I expected more from a cast like this one.

I didn’t hate the film though. Like I said there were definitely some moments that shined through the disappointment and I’d actually like to see what Lake Bell does next. The film was a semi-hit at Sundance so I assume she’ll be back behind the camera again but I’m going to chalk this one as a miss.


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