Guys, I have arrived!

Look at that thing! The Vern over at Video Vortex nominated me for the liebster award which I can only assume was an accident because I am a modest writer. Thanks buddy. There are apparently some serious rules that go along with this and I also need to nominate eleven blogs with under 200 followers. Networking at its finest. I feel like I’m Santa. Here are the rules…

The bloggers who have been nominated must link back to the person who nominated them.

Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them.

Those nominated must choose eleven of their favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions

When you are nominated, you cannot nominate the person who nominated you.

Okay! So first what I’m going to do is nominate my people. These eleven blogs are the ones I find the most interesting to read on a daily basis or whenever these bastards find the time to write. If you didn’t make the list then try harder because I’m a difficult person to please and my opinion means more than the opinion of others. I also take bribes.

By the way. I’m breaking a rule. Some of these have a little over 200 followers. I needed to add them to get to 11 and I also do what I damn well please.

Rare Horror
Hughes Reviews
Paula’s Cinema Club</a
Film Phage
Film Grimoire
The Ugliest Fraud
The film Dump
Oh! That Film Blog

Now I’m going to answer Vern’s questions. If you were nominated by me, your questions to answer are at the bottom.

Vern’s Questions

1. What angers you the most when watching a movie in theaters

It’s going to be cliche but my ears pick up every single word uttered by people in a theater. It’s so damn distracting that I turn into a monster and nearly murder every one of these awful people. I just can’t imagine how these (mostly) adults can talk during a quiet film and think it’s okay.

2. What do you love about watching movies in theaters?

I have a horrible attention span. Being in a theater restricts me from getting up to make a sandwich or checking my email. I always pause a film but it always takes me hours to complete a film at home. I also love surround sound so that’s a plus.

3. Name a movie you never want to watch. Ever.

A Serbien Film. I have no interest in baby fucking.

4. Name a movie your ashamed you haven’t seen yet.

If you asked me this last year I would have answered “The Godfather” but I checked that off the list a couple months ago. I really hate the fact that I haven’t seen the majority of Kurosawa’s work or really anything by Goddard. If I were to pick one film though I think I’d have to pick Lawrence of Arabia.

5. Favorite weekend hangout.

I like keeping to myself on the weekends but I will say that in the summer I frequent my best friends cabin often. It is my home away from home.

6. Favorite band or music artist for the past week.

I’ve been into a band called Pygmy Lush for the last couple weeks. They’re folk/hardcore cause I like to be different. Check them out.

7. 3D. Yay or Nay

It’s only done right 10% of the time and even when it is it’s usually just “meh”

8. Name a movie you wish you could have been on the set while it was filming.

Easy. Jaws. I love problems and I would have had a great time trying to figure out how to make that movie work. That and I just love the ocean.

9. How do you stream movies? Computer, BlueRay Player, Game Consoles like PS4 and Wii.

I use Netflix on my X-Box 360. I never use my computer.

10. What are your top five favorite movie podcasts to listen too?

I don’t have five but religiously listen to Slash Filmcast and Filmspotting.

11. Who is your movie celebrity crush? You have to answer for both guys and girls. For me right now it’s Eva Green and Sam Rockwell.

Hmmmm. Audrey Hepburn and Michael Fassbender. I think this makes me weird.


1. What is your favorite movie that makes you feel like crap?
2. If You could have lunch with one person, alive or dead, who would it be?
3. What is your ideal band line up? You have to have a singer, bassist, two guitarists, and a drummer
4. Where is your home away from home?
5. What was your high school experience like? Or how is it going so far?
6. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
7. What is your rainy day film?
8. Which film have you seen the most in your entire life?
9. What is your ideal job?
10. Are you afraid of the future like I am?
11. Do you read? What is your favorite book?

This was fun. Thanks to Vern for the nomination.

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