Highlighting the work of David Michôd

I recently ordered “Animal Kingdom” on Blu Ray and realized how much I loved the film. Below is the trailer…

Australian cinema has released some of the most electrifying films over the last couple of years and “Animal Kingdom” may be the cream of the crop. It’s a family crime story unlike any other, directed by a man who holds nothing back. Dave Michôd, who only has one feature film under his belt, is steadily rising up my ladder of favorite modern day directors. That’s how much I love this film. It’s unflinching and unapologetic, highlighted by incredible performances by Jackie Weaver (Who nabbed her first Oscar nom for the role) and Ben Mendelsohn (who fucking should have nabbed his first Oscar nom for the role). Both actors were phenomenal and added to the overall tension of the film which is full throttle as it is. The film deserves a full review from me which I’m willing to do when it comes in the mail and I give it a 3rd viewing. For now though, check out Michôd’s short film “Crossbow” below…

Strange. Did you watch it? Cause I’m going to talk briefly about it.

Once again, Michôd takes what seems like a run of the mill story line into a unique experience. We think that all the awkward parent sex and the drug use in the house is going to lead the kid to murdering his family but what we get at the end of this film is the exact opposite. He doesn’t want yo live in that shit hole anymore, and at 14 he can’t wait four more years until he’s legally allowed to leave. He did the only thing he could think of and ended his life by having the cops shoot him. The bleakness of Australian cinema is in full force as the female cop who pulled the trigger is left with questions for the rest of her life. And that last piece of narration from our narrator. Creepy shit.

David Michôd has a new film coming out. The trailer is below…

I provided the teaser trailer, which I find to be mesmerizing. There is a full trailer out there but I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to. I’m afraid it’s going to ruin things for me. This looks like it just may be the best thing that I’ll see all year. Yes, I know how silly that sounds but the trailer is that good. Guy Pierce looks like he’s been through some serious shit and Robert Pattinson looks even worse. Hopefully this is the film that shows that the kid can actually act because he showed promise in “Cosmopolis”. The film releases June 20th and I can’t fucking wait.

It’s worth noting that David Michôd also wrote yet did not direct the film “Hesher” which surprised the hell out of me for being both hilarious and powerful. He’s a talent coming out of an entire region of talented film makers. I know I’ve got some friends on WP that are from down under. What do you guys think of Michôd? Is he your countries version of Paul Thomas Anderson? Do you think his work is crap? What have you?

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