Trail Mix!

I’m sporadic and right now I feel like shit and don’t feel like moving off my couch so I’m going to post a bunch more trailers again and talk about whether or not I’d like to see them.

I could watch Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan on the screen together for literally hours. The first one was so entertaining that they’re literally doing the exact same thing over again. This is an unoriginal sequel that I have no problem with existing and I hope it’s five hours long.

It seems like every single Korean director has gotten a chance at an English language film in the last year. Let’s hope that this is the one that really sticks with US audiences because The Last Stand and Stoker were relatively disappointing. Joon-ho Bong is responsible for some fantastic films such as The Host, Memories of Murder, and Mother and hopefully he nails this sci fi apocalypse script. The man is writing it along with Kelly Masterson who wrote “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, a film I had so so feelings for. Expectations are high.

Writer and director of The Guard John Michael McDonagh takes a more serious turn in this film starring one of my favorite actors, Brendan Gleeson. I think I just love movies set in Ireland. I seem to have taken alike to pretty much everything that comes out of the country but that may have to do with the fact that Gleeson is usually cast in those films. Chris O’Dowd and FUCKING LITTLE FINGER are also in it.

Okay, this doesn’t look like a prize winning film but I love horror movies and this at least is taking an unoriginal idea and doing something different with it as far as story goes. Tunnels under Paris that turn into hell? It’ll at least be good for some jump scares and hopefully interesting effects.

How many films was James Gandolfini in before he died? The answer is a fucking lot. Michaël R. Roskam, who directed the brilliant film Bullhead, gets put in charge of a script written by Dennis Lehan who fave us Mystic River and Shutter Island. Want another piece to that awesome cake? Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace. I’m excited.

OH MY GOD THIS LOOKS SO GOOD. This just moved up to my number two most anticipated film of the year. Michael Fassbender is amazing. I’m not even saying another word. I’m just going to watch this trailer again.

Okay, this looks amazing. Ari Folman knocked me on my ass with Waltz With Bashir and this looks even better. I can’t even comprehend the plot. All I know is that it looks like a totally unique sci-fir animation dream. Meta as shit.

BOXTROLLS! I’ll watch anything studio Laika. This looks just enchanting. Have you noticed my writings are getting shorter with each trailer? Yeah me too.

That was Steve Carrell. That’s also a future Oscar nominee. It’s gotten great response from Cannes. Sorry abut the end of the trailer.

Ti West is my favorite modern horror movie director. He decided to adapt a film from the Jonestown massacre and while I don’t feel one was needed I can’t say I’m not interested in seeing it. He’s a master of the slow burn horror experience.

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