I’ve spent three and a half years in the projection booth at a local theater and while I’m no longer an employed projectionist, the experience changed the way I look at film.

I’ll be giving, based on my mood, a mixture of in depth film review and drunken meandering about films that find their way onto my television. I try to get out and see movies but I’m a 25 year old kid with rent to pay in Hudson County, New Jersey. Do you have any idea what that’s like??? I’ll get out to the theater when I can but don’t worry, my OCD will keep me in front of a screen of some sort so expect 3-5 reviews a week. Also, please check out the people I follow because I love reading their work. They are good people.

Thanks for coming to this page. I usually update it every couple of months with a new paragraph about what I do because honestly it changes all the time. When was the last time you saw trailers on here? It’s been like 8 months. Want to know why? I stopped watching trailers! See? I’m sporadic and fun. Also, if you notice the pages at the top? Yeah, I tend to start big projects and never finish. The reviews will come in on a regular basis but my procrastination prevents me from tackling bigger things like writing about my favorite films of all time. It’ll happen. Just be patient.

Thanks for reading.


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    1. My apologies for not following through with this. It was greatly appreciated that I was nominated. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you even considered my blog. I’m a very modest writer. I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for reading.

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