Trail Mix!

Here are a couple that came out recently…

Yes this is happening. Yes is looks pretty funny. Yes I will wait to see it most likely until it plays on MTV for free. I don’t need to hear every 18 year old kid hysterically laughing because Johnny Knoxville said the word “poo”.

The next film from David O. Russell is…well…I don’t know. I think they steal things? It’s the 70’s right? All I know is that everybody in this cast has an Academy award nomination/win and that Bradley Coopers hair looks weird. Should be great.

That is one great trailer. I usually hate mostly every Ben Stiller film but I might check this one out. It just looks so, uplifitng. It’s being directed by Stiller himself so maybe this will be the film that turns my hatred into respect. It also reveals mostly nothing of what I hope the story will be. This is a thing that trailers are missing…


Trailer Mix (Including a Special One)

This is probably the greatest news I’ve heard all year. I grew up on Calvin & Hobbes. Bill Watterson has essentially sculpted part of my personality. I find myself using gags and punchlines from strips in my every day vernacular. C&H IS my childhood and I’ll do whatever I can to see this.

Okay, this is now my most anticipated film of the year. Its the third film from Steve McQueen after Hunger and Shame, both of which starred Micahel Fassbender. Fassbender looks like a pure villain in this which I think is a first for him. The cast is amazing and the emotion dripping from the trailer is pretty strong. I can see this being and Oscar favorite if all goes well. Chiwetel Ejiofor looks like he might get an award.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch, I find the story of Julian Assange fascinating. This should be entertaining to say the least.

Back From Vacation…OLDBOY TRAILER!

I was in Martha’s Vinyard for a few days which explains the lack of posts. I’m back though! JUST IN TIME FOR OLDBOY REMAKE TRAILER! I have an idea. I’m going to post the video, watch it for the first time, and then comment below. Let’s do this…

Oh man. Can you hear that? It’s the complaints. I can hear them already.I’m just going to hold my comments on how the original is probably going to be vastly superior until I see the film. I like Spike Lee. Do The Right Thing is one of my favorite movies from the 90’s and I enjoyed 25th Hour. The guy is pretty talented as is Josh Brolin. The one thing I’m seeing though is that it’s most likely going to be a straight forward adaption of Park Chan Wook’s film rather than a “based off of”. This is okay. When Let Me In came out last year or the year before, I forget, I was pissed. It ended up being a straight adaption and pretty damn good. I hope this follows suit because Oldboy is just one of the most unique and amazing films I’ve ever seen.

Trail Mix

Here’s a bunch of interesting looking trailers of films that’ll be coming out soon.

I love films from first time director/writers. It’s a great opportunity to see somebodies passion project. Frank Langella is always amazing and he seems to have a sinister role in store for him in this one.

Martin Scorcese’s latest film looks insane. Plus it has one of my favorite actors, Leo DiCaprio, and one of the best actors working right now who will surprise you, Matthew McConaughey. Look to be a lotof fun.

Uggggh, WHY IS CAMERON DIAZ STILL GETTING WORK? She is awful. However, Brad Pitt/Javier Bardem/Michael Fassbender means that I’m going to see this. Hopefully Ridley Scott has gotten over his Prometheus failure to make a great film. It should be knowing that Cormac McCarthy wrote the film.

There is nothing to be said. Larry David is hilarious. This film looks hilarious.

I don’t care that Keanu sounds retarded. Ever since I saw The Raid I’ve been into just badass fighting movies and this looks like it’s going to deliver. Geez did Keanu sound cheesy.

I’m praying this movie doesn’t ruin the magical wonder of the first film.

Looks intense as hell. I love documentaries that double as thrillers. This is coming out soon too.