Film Review : A Passage to India (1984)

(This trailer is fan made I think)

IMDB Score – 7.3
RT Score – 85%

Academy Award Wins
Best Supporting Actress – Peggy Ashcroft
Best Original Score

Academy Award Nominations
Best Picture
Best Director – David Lean
Best Actress – Judy Davis
Best Set Direction
Best Costume Design
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Best Costume Design
Best Adapted Screenplay

For a film with so many Oscar nominations and an accomplished director in David Lean (Lawrence of Arabia/Bridge of a River Kwai), I expected a bit more than what I got. The movie was beautiful to look at but I just couldn’t really keep up with the lackluster pace and found myself eager for it to end. There was some overacting from the Indian actors and Alec Guinness played a strange character. I just found it pretty dull but still very colorful and nice to look at.


Film Review : Marty (1955)

IMDB Score : 7.7
RT Score : 100%

1955’s Best Picture winner is probably the most uneventful snoozefest to ever win Best Picture. I’m not calling it a bad film. I’m calling it a painfully average film with one good performance in Earnest Borgnine that shouldn’t even have won him Best Actor considering James Dean was in the running. Delbert Mann directs this film which also won him an Oscar. The movie focuses on two lonely people who are apparently very ugly because the movie doesn’t stop reminding us of this fact. They say it like fifty times. They meet and the story ahem…”takes off”…from there. Okay, I’m being to mean. It really just was an average film. It’s like the 50s version of Kramer Vs. Kramer; an average romantic fest wins an award it shouldn’t. WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH. WATCH THIS IF YOU WANT TO MEH.


Film Review : On the Waterfront (1954)

“I could have been a contender. I could have been somebody…”

The winner of eight Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and awards to Marlon Brando and Eva Mare Saint, On The Waterfront tells the story of Terry (Brando) who is an ex boxer working for the mob and his older brother. Terry unknowingly gets one of his neighbors killed and with the help of the deceased’s sister, weighs the morality of the situation and how to proceed with his life. It’s a classic in every sense of the word. The story is never boring and the performances are stellar. There were five nominated performances in this film and every one was spot on. I also liked the depiction of a port town and how men had to get work in the 50s. There’s no real difference than the guys who show up outside of Home Depot in the morning. Just men trying to earn a living. The scene in the cargo of the boat when the priest gives his speech was particularly wonderful. His rise on the crane was a great shot. It’s a real shame Brando turned into what he did.