Film Review : The Lady Eve (1941)

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IMDB Score – 7.9
RT Score – 100%

Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Story

I’l admit. I didn’t like the story. The film was made in 1941 so I don’t know how many times “con artist falls in love with victim only to have it fall apart” has been made but I just thought it was flat. It was also completely unbelievable Henry Fonda’s character was. The dude was a fool. A FOOL. HE COULDN’T RECOGNIZE THE SAME WOMAN WHO CON-ED HIM BECAUSE OF AN ACCENT. Jesus. The film had some redeeming qualities such as a great scene involving Fonda and c0-star Barbara Stanwyck in bed. The scene was long and the dialogue was sharp. There was also a great shot using a hand held mirror and some funny dialogue from Stanwyck. Also, a great Hitler impression was in this film. Overall I just didn’t like it that much, plain and simple.


Film Review : Farewell My Concubine (1993)

IMDB Score: 7.8
RT Score : 88%

Oscar Nominee for Best Cinematography
Oscar Nominee for Best Foreign Language Film
Palme d’Or Winner at Cannes Film Festival

A very strange and long movie about two stage brothers as they ascend the steps to stardom in the Chinese opera circuit and encounter love and government opposition along the way. The film is gorgeously shot and acted but I just couldn’t get into the story as much as I thought I should given its credentials. I think I just find that part of Asian culture too strange for my tastes. It’s a very well made film though full of backstabbing, political conflict, subtle homosexuality, and a very fitting yet tragic ending. If you can sit through the three hours and like these sort of dramas, I’d say go for it.


Film Review : White Zombie (1932)

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IMDB Score – 6.4
RT Score – 89%

Like most horror films pre-1940, you have to take the good with the “oh my god who made this” bad. This film staring the late great Bela Lugosi has both of these things. First off the acting besides the always sinister and foreboding Lugosi is horrible. I mean it’s MST3K horrible. The film however has a great musical score puncuated by some impressive makeup work and creepy sets. I just wish the film was more enjoyable on a plot level although there were some nice little moments of dread. The film also unofficially holds the title of first Hollywood production of anything zombie like so it’s really a history watch for me. There’s nothing wrong with watching this film, just don’t expect much.


Film Review : NEDS (2010)

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IMDB Score : 6.9
Rt Score : 94%

I’m never going to Scotland. Apparently all that happens there is knife crimes and getting the shit kicked out of you by gangs who speak unintelligible English. Seriously, if you watch this film on my recommendation on Netflix you’ll notice that there are subtitles even though they’re speaking English. This is very necessary. It was a very true to the area film directed by a fantastic actor Peter Mullan. The story revolves around a small town and the gangs of young thugs that inhabit it. The protagonist, played brilliantly by Connor McCarron starts out innocent but falls into dark depths. I thought the film ran too long but there were moments of brilliance and sheer brutality to keep the viewer interested in the film to the end. Speaking of the end. Lions. That is all. Overall I enjoyed it but if you’re looking for a perfect British film about gangs then there is no other place to look than This is England. This was a great effort though and I’d like to see other films by Mullan. He has a certain grit to him that I find interesting.