Film Review : The Rover (2014)

IMDB Score – 7.3
Rotten Tomato Score – 66%

Directed By – David Michôd
Starring – Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, Scoot McNairy, David Field, Tawanda Manyimo, Susan Prior, and Anthony Hayes

10 years after a global economic collapse, a hardened, ruthless ex-soldier tracks down the men who stole his only possession. As he travels through the lawless Australian outback, he takes a damaged young man as his unwitting accomplice.

A while back I wrote about the work of David Michôd. The man is responsible for one of my favorite films in the last ten years, Animal Kingdom, and after delving into his short film work and the movie “Hesher”, which he scripted, it’s safe to say he’s one of my favorite directors working today. Once I found out that The Landmark Sunshine theater in NYC was going to be getting the film a week before it’s widely released, I had to shoot down and see it. The auditorium wasn’t packed, but had a substantial amount of people in it. I made a joke to one of my friends that there were going to be women in there that were only present to see them some Robby Patt (Yes, I just made that up) and fuck me were there actually a group of girls in there that were very keen on making that fact known. I couldn’t believe it. That’s dedication guys. It’s also quite sad. Those girls did not like the movie I’m sure. I however, loved it. All my waiting and anticipation paid off because the film ended up being exactly what I wanted, a challenging and laboring work that will be both loved and hated by audiences. That is my kind of party.

The story is set in the future but there are no flying cars or androids. Without being told what happened, Australia’s economy has collapsed and spun the country into a state of free for all lawlessness with the only form of “police” coming from either rogue military groups or paid mercenaries. It’s a baron wasteland even worse than what the country was before…a baron wasteland (Please don’t hate me Jordan/Eddie). We meet a man who is given no name throughout the film, played by the outright vicious and brutal Guy Pearce. His car is stolen and he is going to get it back. Along his chase of his vehicle he runs across Ray, the brother of one of the men who stole his vehicle, played by an almost unrecognizable Robert Pattinson. Those ladies must have shit a brick when they saw his face because the heartthrob vampire was transformed into a simple, dangerous, broken, and outright ugly kid. What follows next can really only be experienced in the cinema so I’ll leave that to you.

Disregarding my joke before, I have the utmost respect and fascination with the country of Australia when it comes to film. The work coming out of there in the last few years has just been outstanding. David Michôd has stood out among the crowd and with the completion of this film, totally formed a fresh pair of eyes on the way we watch movies. He sculpts his films with meticulous care and attention while also having the skill to leave the audience in a state of utter confusion. I’ll be honest, I fought with this film. I went from loving it, to questioning it, to being shocked, to being underwhelmed, to being overwhelmed, and finally floored by the ending. The crowd I was with seemed to be going through this battle with me. As the credits rolled, groans were heard, sarcasm was spoken, but some butts, including mine, were glued to their seats. The ending was a bow on top of a mystery box that I’m sure was on the laps and minds of everyone in the theater. Why was this man doing this…for a car? Why would he go through such hardship to get his shitty four door sedan back. To be honest, I had given up hope that we would find out but the haunting final shot clued us in to what motivated a man with little to no motivation left in his life. It was a beautiful way to end a film that was so bleak and disturbing.

The film did have some flaws though. For one, the narrative was a bit clumsy in parts. That is, tense moments of horror and violence were often followed up with transition scenes that kind of killed the emotion of what just happened. There is also a terrible, terrible, use of a song in this film that just distracted and confused the entire theater. It may have been used to illustrate the mental capacity of Pattinson’s character, but it just seemed way too out of place.

Speaking of Pattinson, holy shit can that kid act. I have never seen a single Twilight film nor do I have any interest i ever seeing, but this kid is special. I remember seeing Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” and being teased in what Pattinson could possible achieve later in his career. This film should be his break. If he was given a supporting actor nomination, I wouldn’t bat an eye. He perfected the thousand yard stare. He nailed an almost unintelligible accent. He stole every scene he was in and that was hard when realizing mostly every scene he was in was with Guy Pearce, who in my opinion gave the performance of his career. The both were powerhouses in a film with both power and unrelenting dread. They should be applauded for their work.

David Michôd crafted a beauty of a film. Each shot is crafted so well with full detail that it’s hard to not find the hell that the film was set in beautiful. The rolling hills played like a second character as we are reminded in nearly every shot that there is something bigger than us and that if we are not careful, we will fall. The score, when not being played on the radio by Pattinson, was eerie and dark as the violence carried out. It kept me glued to the screen waiting for what was going to happen next even though I was sure nothing was around the corner. It was an immersing and unflinching watch in where even if you don’t buy into the film, you can still be entertained.

Overall it was a slightly flawed, but nearly brilliant film by David Michôd. The last twenty minutes or so, including that ending, was some of the best film making I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a film that will be talked about and debated on whether it is too pretentious and whether or not it takes itself too seriously. Much like Animal Kingdom, which is slightly the superior film as of now, The Rover requires multiple viewings to fully digest but it’s a wonderful thing when something can get so much use.


Highlighting the work of David Michôd

I recently ordered “Animal Kingdom” on Blu Ray and realized how much I loved the film. Below is the trailer…

Australian cinema has released some of the most electrifying films over the last couple of years and “Animal Kingdom” may be the cream of the crop. It’s a family crime story unlike any other, directed by a man who holds nothing back. Dave Michôd, who only has one feature film under his belt, is steadily rising up my ladder of favorite modern day directors. That’s how much I love this film. It’s unflinching and unapologetic, highlighted by incredible performances by Jackie Weaver (Who nabbed her first Oscar nom for the role) and Ben Mendelsohn (who fucking should have nabbed his first Oscar nom for the role). Both actors were phenomenal and added to the overall tension of the film which is full throttle as it is. The film deserves a full review from me which I’m willing to do when it comes in the mail and I give it a 3rd viewing. For now though, check out Michôd’s short film “Crossbow” below…

Strange. Did you watch it? Cause I’m going to talk briefly about it.

Once again, Michôd takes what seems like a run of the mill story line into a unique experience. We think that all the awkward parent sex and the drug use in the house is going to lead the kid to murdering his family but what we get at the end of this film is the exact opposite. He doesn’t want yo live in that shit hole anymore, and at 14 he can’t wait four more years until he’s legally allowed to leave. He did the only thing he could think of and ended his life by having the cops shoot him. The bleakness of Australian cinema is in full force as the female cop who pulled the trigger is left with questions for the rest of her life. And that last piece of narration from our narrator. Creepy shit.

David Michôd has a new film coming out. The trailer is below…

I provided the teaser trailer, which I find to be mesmerizing. There is a full trailer out there but I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to. I’m afraid it’s going to ruin things for me. This looks like it just may be the best thing that I’ll see all year. Yes, I know how silly that sounds but the trailer is that good. Guy Pierce looks like he’s been through some serious shit and Robert Pattinson looks even worse. Hopefully this is the film that shows that the kid can actually act because he showed promise in “Cosmopolis”. The film releases June 20th and I can’t fucking wait.

It’s worth noting that David Michôd also wrote yet did not direct the film “Hesher” which surprised the hell out of me for being both hilarious and powerful. He’s a talent coming out of an entire region of talented film makers. I know I’ve got some friends on WP that are from down under. What do you guys think of Michôd? Is he your countries version of Paul Thomas Anderson? Do you think his work is crap? What have you?