Film Review : Rebecca (1940)

IMDB Score : 8.3
RT Score : 100%

Out of all the Hitchcock films I’ve seen I think this was the most subtle. Hitchcock has always had a main villain such as in Psycho or Strangers on a Train or a crutch that is known to the audience such as James Stewart’s broken leg in Rear Window or James Stewart’s fear of heights in vertigo. Rebecca is different because nothing really happens. Hitch uses an overwhelming mood throughout the whole film that drives its suspense and plot. The title character, Rebecca De Winter, is never actually seen or heard from. It’s her memory that carries this film. Laurence Olivier was brilliant as always and Joan Fontaine was great as the woman who “replaces” Rebecca. I wouldn’t call this my favorite Hitchcock film but it’s in the top ten. While I liked it for it’s unique sense of mood I just can’t place it above classic like Rear Window and Psycho.


Film Review : Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)

Every one in a while I’ll throw a classic on that has escaped me through the years. A couple months ago I finally watched the first two Godfathers. I’m not a fan of gangster movies not named Goodfellas. Two weeks ago I watched The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly after watching the first two “dollar” films over a year ago. Along with the film I’m reviewing, I’m also going to be watching “On the Waterfront” later in the week. Tonight’s film comes from Frank Capra and stars the always great Jimmy Stewart and the wonderful Jean Arthur who was GREAT in this. The film is about a young, shy, and naive man played by Stewart who is appointed Senator. He goes to Washington…see what I did there…you see it…yeah you see it…and is basically punched in the face by corruption and overall political laziness and dishonesty. The story follows Stewart as he tries to get his reputation back and fight his opposition with the help of Arthur. I’ve never taken a college politics course but I’m sure this movie is shown often, probably in law class too. How American can you get with a scene like when a little five year old boy is reading the words transcribed on the Lincoln Memorial while an African American man stands in the background in solace of our great 16th president. Wow, that sentence was sexy. It was a nice scene. The ending was great. The Simpsons know this…

The Simpsons was/is great. Also, great film.4/5