Film Review – Room 237 (2012)

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IMDB Score – 6.4
RT Score – 92%

In my opinion, Stanley Kubrick is the greatest director who ever lived. The Shining can arguably be called his best film or at least his most intriguing. Room 237 is a documentary interviewing mostly crackpots and eccentrics who have dedicated their lives to deciphering and decoding images and scenes in The Shining. I finished this in two parts, mostly because I was dead ass tired and mostly because while there are certainly incredibly interesting points made about the film there are also a bunch of completely asinine theories that I just couldn’t stay awake for.

There were some very interesting theories such as the fact that the hotel changed shape and how Danny traversed levels on his big wheel without going up stairs or getting into an elevator. There are also some pretty evident instances where Kubrick alludes to minotaurs and mazes. There are also some ridiculous notions that Kubrick staged the moon landing and that The Shining was really about the genocide of Jews and Indians.

Overall the film was interesting, especially if you loved The Shining like I did.


Favorite Movie Scenes Vol. One

This is just going to be a collection of my favorite movie scenes/shots. I’ll put the movie title first just in case you don’t want to watch it because you haven’t seen the film. I’ll also give spoiler warnings.


Paul Thomas Anderson is my favorite modern day director. He’s amazing. I could write a whole article about him but I’ll just focus on his tracking shots, which I love. The two clips I’m showing are from Magnolia, his 1999 film about chance and fate. The first is a 135 second single take that covers multiple floors and subjects on a TV studio. The second clip is a 79 second shot following William H Macy into a bar where we are introduced to Brad the bartender. Both these clips are just fantastic camera work from a young soon to be legend of film.


Jaws is my favorite film of all time. This is my favorite scene in my favorite film of all time. This is my favorite scene of all time.


I’ve always loved this movie but whenever I think of the film, I think of this scene. Kubrick was a one of a kind filmmaker. This is known. He’s always been a fan of tracking shots. I find this special because not only is it a perfectly tracked shot with the soldiers lined up sitting down and stretchers being flashed by in the opposite direction of the camera, but it’s a tracking shot of a tracking shot. I loved how Kubrick filmed filmmakers essentially filing the same shot as he is. Plus…Surfin’ Bird.


Again, Kubrick…filming airplane sex. Best opening of all time.


Speaking of openings, this is one of the most haunting shots I’ve ever seen, and it opens the film. For those of you who have know idea what film this is. Watch it. It’s amazing.


I could have picked another Frank Booth scene from this movie but this is just too perfect. David Lynch is amazing and Blue Velvet is just a one of a kind film. It’s a disturbing but very emotional film all wrapped in a twisted little package.


Such a powerful image. 11 men with their backs turned to one.