Film Review : The Lady Eve (1941)

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IMDB Score – 7.9
RT Score – 100%

Academy Award Nominee for Best Original Story

I’l admit. I didn’t like the story. The film was made in 1941 so I don’t know how many times “con artist falls in love with victim only to have it fall apart” has been made but I just thought it was flat. It was also completely unbelievable Henry Fonda’s character was. The dude was a fool. A FOOL. HE COULDN’T RECOGNIZE THE SAME WOMAN WHO CON-ED HIM BECAUSE OF AN ACCENT. Jesus. The film had some redeeming qualities such as a great scene involving Fonda and c0-star Barbara Stanwyck in bed. The scene was long and the dialogue was sharp. There was also a great shot using a hand held mirror and some funny dialogue from Stanwyck. Also, a great Hitler impression was in this film. Overall I just didn’t like it that much, plain and simple.


Film Review : Venus (2006)

IMDB Score – 7.1
RT Score – 89%

Academy Award Nominee – Peter O’Toole

It’s been six years since this film was made and it’s looking a lot like this is going to be the amazing Peter O’Toole’s last leading role but what a way to end a fantastic career. The film was pretty good. It revolves around Maurice who is played by O’Toole who is a very old man trying to find something important in his life again and happens to find it in the form of his friends 19 year old niece. This sentence alone defines creepy old man and when it is all said and done, it really is creepy as shit, but damn it to hell if O’Toole doesn’t make you want to hang out with him every day. The film turned out to very funny, mostly because Peter O’Toole and his co-stars are hilarious old British people. The scenes in the diner with O’Toole, Leslie Phillips, and the late Richard Griffiths were hysterical. The film also has some nice moments of sad to go along with the funny. Ultimately the film balances a great line of awesome/heartbreaking Peter O’Tool, sadness from seeing old people go about their daily lives, and a morally sound notion that sometimes people can fall in love with a person regardless of age.


Film Review : 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

IMDB Score : 7.8
RT Score : 88%

I enjoyed the shit out of this. I’ve seen a good deal of westerns. I haven’t seen nearly as many Clint Eastwood films as I should have considering I own a penis but I’ve seen most of the important ones besides Josey Wales which is on my short list of “Films I need to see RIGHT GODDAMN NOW”. I’ve seen a couple of modern westerns such as The Proposition and True Grit and honestly, Yuma is right up there with them as far as gun slinging cowboys go. I’m not throwing No Country for Old Men or Meek’s Cutoff in that list by the way film snobs. Those two films are vastly different than Yuma. The film had the obvious two stars but I ended up enjoying the supporting cast just as much. Alan Tuydk, Ben Foster, Logan Lerman, and the great Peter Fonda were all fantastic. Is it me or is there just always something creepy about Ben Foster. I can’t wait for his upcoming film Ain’t Them Bodies Saints because the guy is due for an unforgettable role. Also, there’s a random Wilson brother in this movie. Is it Owen or Luke? This movie came out six years ago you probably know by now. I liked that it didn’t have just straight action and unresolved character issues. The writing was good and if it wasn’t for a bit of a cheesy ending I would have given the film a near perfect rating but I’m sorry, the ending was just full of stinky cheese. Still a great modern western that I’ll consider adding to my collection if the price is right.


Film Review : Bird (1988)

IMDB Score : 7.1
RT Score : 78%

Clint Eastwood’s biopic about Charlie Parker is both good and bad. For one, it was way too long, clocking in at almost three hours. The sound, which won the team an Academy award, was perfect and really highlighted what Parker and his band members were doing in the 40s and 50s. Forrest Whitaker was fantastic in the role that ultimately led to him winning best actor at Cannes but there was just something missing from the film. I feel the film focuses way too much on Charlie’s drug habits and not enough on his dark mind and troubled upbringing. Still, it was a decent film.


Film Review : Union Station (1950)

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IMDB Score : 6.8
RT Score : No score

I’ll be honest. I lost interest in this quick. This is not a great movie. It certainly isn’t bad but I just didn’t find the story all that interesting to stay 100 percent focused. Barry Fitzgerald was pretty great in this although he basically plays the same exact character he did in the fantastic NYC noir film “The Naked City”. The story focuses on a woman who spots a man packing heat on a train. The subsequent chase unveils that the man is working for a thug boss who has kidnapped the daughter of a very wealthy man. She also happens to be blind. Why? I have no idea. This is just the story. The rest of the film follows suit. The direction was bland and there just wasn’t anything unique happening. Sometimes I find myself saying…”Hey! This film is in black and white, it must be great!”. There are average films all over the place guys. This was one of them.