WARNING! Do NOT watch the Southpaw trailer.

The trailer for Southpaw recently came out. Do NOT watch it. Antoine Fuqua’s new film about a boxer played by the incredible Jake Gyllenhaal features one of the worst trailers I have ever seen. Want to know everything that happens in the film? Well then go ahead, watch the movie. They literally paint the entire three acts in the nearly three minute long trailer.


This serves as a warning. I know you people. I know you love film as much as I do and like to go into a film blank as to actually experience the film. This trailer is fucking insulting. I feel myself going into a giant tirade about this, and honestly, fuck that. I’m not letting this shit get the best of me.

Don’t watch the trailer. Just don’t. If you have any interest in seeing the film, skip it.

I’m done with trailers.

Trail Mix

Here’s a bunch of interesting looking trailers of films that’ll be coming out soon.

I love films from first time director/writers. It’s a great opportunity to see somebodies passion project. Frank Langella is always amazing and he seems to have a sinister role in store for him in this one.

Martin Scorcese’s latest film looks insane. Plus it has one of my favorite actors, Leo DiCaprio, and one of the best actors working right now who will surprise you, Matthew McConaughey. Look to be a lotof fun.

Uggggh, WHY IS CAMERON DIAZ STILL GETTING WORK? She is awful. However, Brad Pitt/Javier Bardem/Michael Fassbender means that I’m going to see this. Hopefully Ridley Scott has gotten over his Prometheus failure to make a great film. It should be knowing that Cormac McCarthy wrote the film.

There is nothing to be said. Larry David is hilarious. This film looks hilarious.

I don’t care that Keanu sounds retarded. Ever since I saw The Raid I’ve been into just badass fighting movies and this looks like it’s going to deliver. Geez did Keanu sound cheesy.

I’m praying this movie doesn’t ruin the magical wonder of the first film.

Looks intense as hell. I love documentaries that double as thrillers. This is coming out soon too.